Vaginal Tightening – My Review Of V-Tight Vaginal Tightening Gel

[WPXperVideo id=22]Hi ladies my name is Anna I’m just going to do a quick review on the beat like the general tightening Jo that I’ve come across and whilst do some research and some good for general tightening creams and basically a bit of background about myself I am 32 years old I’ve got two lovely children one is seven and one is two and I’ve been married for over ten years.
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Over the years I found that, I’m guessing due to childbirth and a few other factors, my maternal muscles have gotten a bit loose. Sex isn’t as there’s not as much feeling when I have sex and also things like when I’m it’s not a lot but when I sneeze or when I coughed there’s sometimes a bit of urine that comes out which can be quite embarrassing sometimes. So due to that I’ve been doing a lot research on certain products that I can use, that can try and reverse that and make my regional muscles a bit tighter just so to enhance sex and just to get rid of the other symptoms of a loose vagina.

So I’ve been doing a lot research and I come across this product which is called V-tight vagina tightening gel and I’m just going to go through some of the things that I’ve found out about it and I will also be testing it out over the coming months and I’ll be coming back with a another video just so that you know what my thoughts are and how it worked for me. Thank you so in this video what I’ll be doing is just letting you know what it is, why it will help how it will help, its positives and negatives, customer reviews, how you use it, where can you buy it and my conclusions as of today.

Now what is the type of vaginal tightening gel. It’s basically an all-natural gel and it includes an exercise program that can help women to reverse the loss of elasticity which can be due to childbirth and hormonal changes, aging as well, and just basically to tighten up the vagina naturally without using expensive surgeries and other drugs so basically through that it will increase things like orgasms. It also claimames to slow down the menopause. I’m increasing lubrications down there which can sometimes be an issue during sex and other things.

Next thing I’m going to talk about quickly is the profile of the company. They are seen to be quite reputable. They’re a member of the Natural Products Association they were founded back in OT which is over ten years ago so that’s quite good as well and they are a trusted name in health and beauty world, dedicated to providing safe and effective products. and to help people like asked her to supplement and improve our lives for the better they seem to be dedicated in providing high quality. they do love their cutting-edge research and development of products before they put them out on the market. When looking at the ingredients I found that the main ingredient that they are promoting is manju carne extract and this has is something that’s been used for quite a while by women in Eastern cultures and they use it to tighten their vaginas so it’s been used also for quite a few centuries so it’s something that’s tried and tested which is what attracted me to this product as well. Also another ingredient is arginine and that is claimed to increase your sexual desire quite a lot and also have make sex a more pleasurable experience. There’s also witch hazel or leaf extract which is another natural ingredient as well which is really good is that it will naturally tighten your vagina over time. It will restore lubrication and dryness which means that sex can be more pleasurable and the less use of other lubrications. Other lubricants that can sometimes interfere so just restore the moistness of the vagina as well which means that it remains viable and younger for longer. It also can give you more intense orgasms which is lovely, which is great and increases sexual desires because as a women you know sometimes you go through this period so you just they’re not feeling sex at the time you know you’re too tired, there’s too much to do, you’ve got the cooking, the cleaning. You get the kids ready for bed, wake them up in the morning. It’s just know sometimes you’re just not there. So yeah if they can increase that then I welcome it. Also the fact that it slows down the menopausal process. I’m not going through the menopause at the moment but I will be at some point so that can slow that down then that’s great as well. Yeah sorry, the positives. Obviously that the biggest positive is the money aspect. Surgeries can be very very expensive and so to be able to to find something that’s just as beneficial and it’s just just works just as well as surgery but at a fraction of the cost I think you know that’s an excellent investment.

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The negatives. Obviously you need to read the instructions. You need to make sure you use the product safely and correctly. When I was reading the info it says that you know it takes effect within minutes but I’m pretty sure that it will be longer than that and that there is continuous user usage that is needed but when it’s compared to the costs of of surgery which can sometimes go wrong you know there are lots of risks involved I think that it is something that is is quite viable to invest in and remember you’re investing in yourself and you’re investing in your happiness and your long-term pleasure and I think that you know the costumes and when you’re weighing up both surgery or a natural cream I’m gonna choose the natural cream. Also I read up they haven’t been tested on condoms so although I don’t personally use condoms myself I know there are not people out there that do and so this I’m not sure of what effect it has on condoms so please do be careful when using this and using condoms. So when I was looking for some customer reviews since it is quite a new product there isn’t very much out there. There are lots of forums that do give good advice when looking for type of products like these and I’ve seen a lot of people kind of waiting to see what other people have got to say about this. B’s lipo Journal gel So as and when there are more comments coming up and people that have actually tried it and also when after I try it I’ll be able to come back and give you some recommendations and my views and my thoughts after trying it. When I do purchase it I will be using for about two to three months just to make sure that I’m using it properly and that I have used it for a long enough period of time and that’s definitely what I would suggest for anyone else who is thinking about purchasing this for themselves.

How to use it. Well quite simply wash your hands with soap. You apply a small amount on your fingertip and then you gently insert your finger into the into your vagina and massage the vagina. Massage it into the vaginal wall very gently. Repeat this twice daily so I would do it in the morning and the afternoon or the evening. Where do you buy it? Well they do have a website. I actually have a direct link straight to that website because I saw a really great special offer that I want to take advantage of and I just wanted everyone to let wanted to let everyone know that there is if you click through the link down below. You can also take advantage of that special offer as well. If you have any extra questions cuz obviously I’m not an expert and this is just what I found out for myself they do have customer service teams all over the world, so that’s great. Please ask whatever questions. You know whatever queries you have about the product make sure you ask all the questions that you need to but it’s just great to see that there are so there are lots of different numbers for the different countries so that’s very reassuring in itself. Again the the product is slightly expensive but not as expensive as surgery. But the good thing is that there is a money-back guarantee so you know if it doesn’t work get that money back. So in closing my conclusion you know as we have everything it may not work for everyone but it’s definitely worth a try as the costings are not too much but the rewards can be potentially priceless, can be huge. It could be a real life-changer to a lot of women out there me included so I would also advise you to just be realistic. Go through the whole program. Don’t do it for a couple of days. Don’t even do it for a couple of months, I would say I mean for a couple of weeks. Do it for a couple of months just to make sure that you have tried it out and you know you can make a probable conclusion whether it is or isn’t for you. Once I’ve gone through it for a couple of months I will definitely make another review video just to tell you you know the things to look out for whatever advice I’ve got with the way I felt it went and how it’s working for me so in closing I really hope you enjoyed this review video yes it is a bit long I rambled on a bit.

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