Kegel Exercise Fail: Fix it with the Kegelmaster

For kegel exercises

hi I’m Christy and I’m a mom. I’m making this video because I recently learned something surprising and I think it’s very important to all women. Especially other moms. So you’ve heard of Kegel exercise. did you know the Doctor Arnold Kegel OBGYN spent 18 years treating thousands of women for urinary incontinence with over a 90% success rate. That’s why they named the exercises after him. So here’s the problem. They don’t work. You want proof; just look at all those commercials for pills and pads to help women with incontinence. We never saw them before and now they’re everywhere

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Kegelmaster on Click picture link.

So why was Dr. Kegel so successful at curing women and today the exercise named after him is such a failure? This is because the exercise you are being told to do today is not the same as Dr. Kegel did with his patients. The main difference is that Dr. Kegel always used a device which he inserted into his patients vaginas. This provided progressive resistance as his patients squeezed it. So let me recap. On this hand Dr. Kegel, thousands of patients, progressive resistance exercise devices, 90% success rate. On this and you’re squeezing against air and buying pads and linking on yourself so what can you do. How can you do an actual clinical exercise the way Dr. Kegel himself would approve of. Let me show you.

This is the Kegelmaster 2000. Inside this device there are springs that provide progressive resistance you need to do an effective kegel exercise. It has up to 30 levels. A beginner can start with less than a pound of pressure and work all the way up to just over nine pounds. Imagine my fist is your vaginal muscles. No doubt when I squeeze I’m pushing against the tension of these springs and also when I slowly release I’m working the muscles against the tension. Now imagine these vaginal muscles squeezing against nothing but air.

So you tell me, which one of these do you think is going to get you results. This Kegelmaster has been out for over 16 years. It’s patented, it’s made in the USA and it’s FDA cleared and to top that off the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. So what does all this mean to you? No more leaks when you laugh cough or sneeze. Not more rushing to the bathroom. No more pads and better sex for both you and your partner. Seriously, go get one of these things and use it and change your life.