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The Kegelmaster Exercise Device

[WPXperVideo id=18 ] Kegelmaster is quick. It’s discreet. Because you get feedback you know it’s working. It builds your confidence level. I would recommend it to anybody having problems. Don’t take that step to diapers. It’s not necessary. This is a way for you to avoid that for the rest of your life! When I heard about the Kegelmaster, I thought, well there is a way that I could possibly improve my situation. The doctor didn’t seem to feel that another surgery was the answer. 

If you’re watching this video it means you’ve made an exciting and important purchase. The Kegelmaster! I’d like to congratulate you for taking this step toward helping your body and achieving a renewed sense of confidence and freedom. This tasteful video is going to explain the various parts of the device,what they are and what they do. Also provide instructions for operating the Kegelmaster. After that, we’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the Kegelmaster.

This video

There are three basic parts to this video. In part one, I’ll explain how to setup, care for and use your Kegelmaster. In part two, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions. And part 3, is an expanded version a doctor guided group discussion about the Kegelmaster.

We recommend that you watch the instructional segments for the video all the way through before trying out your Kegelmaster for the first time. It’ll only take about 10 minutes. This will help you be familiar with the proper setup and use. And we also highly recommend the group discussion at the end because it will help you feel more knowledgeable and confident about your body and your Kegelmaster. Before we begin, please take a moment to listen to the following important medical information.

When not to use your Kegelmaster

It’s great that you’ve chosen to do something to help your body. I like to go over a few important points about the Kegelmaster. Not everyone should use the Kegelmaster. Women in their first trimester of pregnancy and new moms who are less than six weeks postpartum should not use the Kegelmaster. The device is designed to be safe for pregnant women in their second and third trimesters. Always consult your physician prior to starting use. Women who had any pelvic surgery should also wait at least six weeks and consult with their physician before beginning use. Women using inter vaginal devices such as a pessary or diaphragm should not use the Kegelmaster.

The Kegelmaster is safe to use on your period. You should not use tampons while you are doing your Kegelmaster exercises. It is safe to use the Kegelmaster if you use an IUD. Don’t be alarmed if you notice a bit of spotting when you first start using this device. This is especially common in menopausal women. And as with the use of any medical device, stay in tune with your body. If you have any concerns discontinue use until you feel confident that your questions have been answered.

Setting Up Your Kegelmaster

All right let’s get started. You may want to have your Kegelmaster with you so you can try putting it together. I explain the different pieces when you open your box you should find.  One: the Kegelmaster. Two: four springs made a surgical grade stainless steel  Three: a log for recording your bladder habits  Four: a custom carry case or set travel pouch.and Five: the instruction booklet. We encourage you to read through the instruction booklet to reinforce what you’re going to learn by watching this video.

Putting the Kegelmaster together

First let’s try putting the Kegelmaster together. You’ll find a knob on the side of the plastic unit. Unscrew this knob by turning it counterclockwise. The knob will come all the way off the screw. set the knob to to the side. Now you can open and close the Kegelmaster freely. The bottom is a hinge. The unit does not come completely apart. The hinge is designed to help insure that the pegs will always line up correctly and easily. When your Kegelmaster is opened you’ll notice that each interior side has four plastic posts. Each post matches up with one on the other side when the unit is closed.

So starting at post one, this is post two, three and four. It’s time to add the spring sthat will give you the crucial resistance your muscles need to tone up. Take any of the four springs that came with the unit and slip one over post number one. The post closest to the hinge. It should reach all the way to the bottom of the post. Fold your Kegelmaster closed. You’ll need to guide the other end of the spring onto the matching post in order to close the unit properly. Do you feel the springiness? That’s the resistancethat’s going to help you tone your muscles.

Levels of resistance

While holding the unit closed screw the knob back into place prior to using Kegelmaster. You want to screw the knob down until it stops naturally. If you are preparing for a Kegelmaster session you’d be ready to go. But, before we discuss how to operate the Kegelmaster let me show you what we mean when we say 15 levels of resistance. First unscrew the knob about eight turns. Because at the spring inside the Kegelmaster now wants to separate. Try closing it and then letting open again. The effort you have to put forth to close it, is the resistance.

Right now one spring the first peg you’re experiencing level 1 of the 15 levels. That’s exactly where you’re going to want to start when you begin using the The Kegelmaster. But with consistent use it won’t be long before you’re ready to move up to the next level The instruction booklet list various tension settings in order from the least resistance to the highest level. Basically we achieve greater resistance by adding springs in different positions. So, for instance when you’ve completed Level 1 and are ready to move on to level 2 you’re simply going to move the single spring from peg one to peg 2.

Kegelmaster 2000 Advanced Progressive Kegel Exercise Device for Women

Doctor Recommended for Bladder Control and Pelvic Floor Exercises Resistance Training Kit to Treat Urinary Incontinence

REAL RESISTANCE TRAINING: Any form of exercise is meant to be done with resistance for the muscle to get stronger. Doing kegel squeezing without any resistance is like squeezing against the air. Kegelmaster 2000 offers progressive spring system that when you actually do kegel squeeze, the spring inside the device acts as the resistance against the pelvic floor muscle.
PROGRESSIVE EFFECTIVE RESULTS: Kegelmaster 2000 Advanced uses medical-grade Zinc Electro-Plated spring system that has stronger tensions strength than the regular to provide your increasing need of resistance level. With this, you can actually tell that you are progressing in your kegel training as you step up higher on the spring strength unlike in regular kegel weights.
DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY: The Kegelmaster 2000 Advanced are designed for both ease of insertion & to cradle your Pelvic floor muscles, to ensure you do a correct, effective & efficient kegel exercise. The Flat part of the device is where your muscles squeeze at the tension of the spring setting you choose. With 4 spring posts inside, you can adjust the tension strength from Beginner (13 oz) up to 30 levels (9.5 lbs) of tension.
SAFE TO USE: The Kegelmaster 2000 are FDA approved and made of Non-toxic Hypoallergenic ABS core, Phthalates-free, Latex-free, Hypo-allergenic, No BPA, and No DEHP (di-ethylhexyl phthalate). The Kegelmaster 2000 have medical-grade Stainless steel springs while the Kegelmaster 2000 Advanced are Medical-grade Stainless Steel springs with Zinc Electroplating which provides higher tension strength.
INCLUDES: Kegelmaster 2000 Advanced Base Unit, (4) Standard Springs + (4) Zinc-Electroplated Springs for Advanced, and Instruction Manual CD.

Removing spring

To remove spring simply hold onto the side of it while opening the unit. Use care when removing the springs especially from peg; one part of what makes them such a great partner the device is their springy nature. You don’t want them to go flying. Then move it up one peg. Remember that the springs are always going to be on matching pegs. That means you never want to use a spring to connect peg 1 on one side with peg 2 on the other. As your muscles get more toned and you move up thru the resistance levels you’ll need to consult your instruction booklet for proper spring placement. You’re going to be using different combinations of springs on different pegs so you don’t want to just wing it.

How to use the Kegelmaster

Now that you understand how the Kegelmaster is put together let’s go over how to use it.

Before your first use you’ll want to hand wash in warm water with a mild soap. The knob and springs are made a surgical grade stainless steel. The first step is to add springs to match a current level of resistance. Today we’ll start with one spring on post 1. So just open the unit, place a spring on the first post, match it up with the other side. Close the Kegelmaster. Screw the knob on so the two sides are touching. That means the Kegelmaster is in the closed position.

Find a position that’s comfortable for you. Most women like to lie on with their knees bent and their feet flat, about two feet apart. Lubrication is a crucial step because it makes insertion and removal easier. You’ll need a water-soluble not an oil-based lubricant. Lubricate the vaginal area and the first three inches at the Kegelmaster.From the tip to what we call the flare. Your never going to insert the unit more than is comfortable for you and never past the flare. Be sure that the unit is completely closed and then insert it, knob side up into your vaginal opening until it’s firmly in place. It’s designed to stop automatically at the flare.

Abdominal push not Kegel exercise

Now at this point some women feel the natural urge to do an abdominal push. But, this isn’t a Kegel exercise. In fact it can even cause the Kegelmaster to slip out. So to prevent this use your hand to hold the unit in place until you are comfortable doing proper Kegel contractions. The motion you’ll want is a squeeze not a push. With the Kegelmaster inserted and the knob loosened to allow for resistance. You’re ready to begin your exercise program. Try using a vaginal muscles to squeeze the Kegelmaster closed. Focus only on using your vaginal muscles, not your abdominals or gluteal muscles. Count to two and release.

If you’re able to move the Kegelmaster you’re on the right setting and you’re doing the right exercises. But if you aren’t getting movement you need to try reducing or increasing your resistance until you feel pressure against the vaginal opening. Remember you don’t want to try too many springs at first. The idea is to get as much movement from the Kegelmaster as possible and it doesn’t have to close completely to benefit you. You can do as few or as many sets and reps as you wish. We typically recommend three sets of 30 contractions you can count ONE-ONE-TWO release. . . TWO-ONE-TWO release. . . And you can monitor the base of the Kegelmaster and feel the unit closing.

The closed position

When you’ve finished, tighten the knob by turning it clockwise until the Kegelmaster is in the closed position.Then gently twist from side to side and slowly pull straight back until the unit is removed. Remember to hand wash your Kegelmaster with a mild soap between each use. Make sure it’s completely dry before you put it away for the day. Well, those are the simple steps that are going to help you get your muscles back in shape. It only takes minutes a day, but using the Kegelmaster can change your life.

If you purchased the Kegelmaster to help with a urinary incontinence problem we recommend that you photocopy the “bladder habits” diary and use it on a weekly or monthly basis to track changes in your bathroom habits. Now I’m going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Kegelmaster. Who should not use the Kegelmaster? The Kegelmaster should not be used during the first six weeks after giving birth. However some pregnant women use it to help prepare for childbirth birth. But always consult your physician first.

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Frequently asked Questions

Also women who have had genital urinary or any other pelvic surgical procedure should also wait six weeks before using the Kegelmaster unless given specific instructions by their physicians. the Kegelmaster shouldn’t be used simultaneously with intra-vaginal devices such as tampons diaphragms or pessaries. How do I know it’s working? During use you know the Kegelmaster is working because you feel the unit contract. In your daily life you know the Kegelmaster is working because you’ll experience a reduction in urinary incontinence and increase in patient during sex.

How long will I need to use the Kegelmaster. Your pelvic floor muscles like any other muscle in your body if you leave them alone too long but become weaker or act so even watch treated the condition that you originally bought the Kegelmaster for it can only help to keep using it on a regular basis. It’s very important to remember to use the Kegelmaster every day at the beginning of your exercise program. Once you’ve achieved the results you want in alleviating incontinence or achieving increased sensations then you can determine how often you need to use a Kegelmaster to maintain the help that these important muscles.


Can the Kegelmaster open too wide inside my body? As long as you’re comfortable and you can use your vaginal muscles to contract the unit you don’t need to worry about the Kegelmaster opening too wide. Stretching is actually good for the muscle just make sure you control the settings so the Kegelmaster never causes you pain and Kegelmaster will never make the vaginal area larger or stretched out.

What if I experienced spotting. By using the Kegelmaster a small amount of spotting especially for women who are menopausal, post-menopausal or open sexually inactive for a long time is normal. Continued use of the Kegelmaster will strengthen and tone your muscles and will eliminate the spotting. if you experience extended spotting or more intense bleeeding for more than a week discontinue use and consult your physician. Pregnant women who experience bleeding should discontinue use and bee advised by a doctor.

Customer service

If you have more questions call the toll-free number you’ll find in the instruction booklet and a female customer service representative will be happy to to you.Listen it’s no secret this device and the issues that probably led you to order considered some taboo in our society.

The bad news is there are millions of women who are struggling with the misery, self consciousness and embarrassment of urinary incontinence or the frustration over diminished sex life but here’s the good news: you’ve taken a major step in enhancing your own life. You’re going to be impressed by the result you see in a short time and you’ll be amazed at the result after 30 days of use and you now have the power and the knowledge to help others. Think about women you know who might be suffering in silence.


Let them know that there’s hope. You can be a positive force in your own life and the lives of women around you. Thank you so much and remember to take time to take care of yourself. You’re important to your family. The Kegelmaster has just given me a wonderful ability to know that I am not going to have those spells of incontinence. The Kegelmaster is excellent for women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor and enhance their sex life. Using the Kegelmaster has made my sex life a lot more pleasurable than it was before.

Now that you’ve learned all about your Kegelmaster device and how to use it I’d like to strongly encourage you to watch the group discussion that comes next Knowledge is Power and this doctor got a discussion teach you so much about your body and muscles.

Group Discussion

As women we need to be aware of our bodies and feelings, we need to take care of ourselves not just to keep ourselves in shape physically but to ensure our emotional well-being. These women were so pleased with the results they saw from using the Kegelmaster that they agreed to sit down and talk frankly about their personal experiences with it. After the birth of my son I was feeling very insecure. I was a dancer and I had very strong muscles and I did all my prenatal Kegel exercises and I was very disappointed at what happened in I saw the pressure and I was like I need to I need to get it back.

Good, and Kathy. Well as I was getting older I was the in menopause and start to worry about you know how that was going to affect my sex life and saw the Kegelmaster and wanted to do anything I could to know keep that part of my life. Satisfying is an important part for both me and my husband and so we thought I thought I would give it a try.

Tammy well after my second child birth which was ten years ago. I had a very hard childbirth.I didn’t come back to my normal weight or contract my muscles or anything like that so the leakage got worse and I saw the Kegelmaster and I tried it and its help to strengthen my muscles.

Has it improved your confidence in terms of having sex with your husband?

Absolutely, because you know getting older you start to worry about it, worry about whether you’re still attractive when you’re still desirable and yes it’s increased my confidence a know. He tells me how different sex is now since before when I was the Kegelmaster. So yeah I feel real confident. Its helped me to reconnect with my muscles and it’s helped with comments I had and with sexual pressure. Also all my confidence its train Lehigh am I say because if I sneeze and I don’t have a week each that is like happened to me my feeling for a physician’s point of view is I don’t want you coming to me tell me fix my stress urinary incontinence I want to try something like this before because more than ninety percent of the time you will not need to go to surgery if you use a Kegelmaster.

It has been proven in Prospect randomized trials that you have to have resistance in the vagina in order for you to understand how good a cables are you doing know how I mean are you really doing and are you doing it right suing you put this tension feel a little tight little resistance against the vaginal walls on purpose and you relax against that tension and squeeze that and as you do that then you are actually realizing that you’re closing the device. You’re doing something as opposed to you may be doing Kegels like you were discussing.

Getting muscles working

Just try to sit in a chair do it you know arcdo it knew it you know and not knowing whether you doing it right now when you’re sitting here all by yourself. You can do it and get the right muscles to work right but before that period of time if you learn it from some instructor somewhere just as tight knit most people are just tightening their butt they’re not actually learning how to tighten their badges muscles.

One other reason why you have decreased sexual function sometimes after you have a baby or when you reach that post-menopausal area is because the muscles around the vagina and up around the clitoris and that vasculature is decreased so one of the ways that you can increase is by using the Kegelmaster. You increase the strength of your muscles, increase the blood flow to the area.

Increased blood flow

You increase the blood flow to the clitoris in the clearest is a spongy material the reason why increases in size and respond at all is because it has increase blood flow to it so the more you increase your blood flow to the muscles in the local area the morning and increase the blood flow to the clitoral area so that’s the reason why your sexual satisfaction in your ability to have an orgasm are better, it lasts longer are a little more sensitive to the whole entire process and there’s been studies done with women who have never ever had an orgasm that if you teach them how to increase their blood flow to that their area they will learn to have orgasms.

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From a physician’s point of view when they first brought me the Kegelmaster I thought there’s no better way. Introduced to someone what I usually do is at that six-week visit I do your pelvic exam, ask you to tighten and then see how well can you do that and if you’re really can on your way to that and you can really get to squeeze pretty good then I’m okay with that otherwise I make them start to do kegel exercise on a regular basis but now I have a device that I can actually recommend to them that they can use and take common use it for a while it works great forget to use it you know exactly hatter’s we strengthen your muscles again and do it in a proper manner.


So from a physician’s point of view a great thing to have a doctor’s office to congratulate you for taking this step toward helping your body and achieving a renewed sense of wellbeing.